Whale Watching Mirissa

Luxuries Trimaran Eagle Eye Whale Watching Boat Mirissa

Mirissa, weligama is the spotting place of blue whales.
whale watching boat
Mirissa, weligama is the spotting place of blue whales.
whale watching boat
Mirissa, weligama is the spotting place of blue whales.
whale watching boat
Mirissa, weligama is the spotting place of blue whales.
Mirissa, weligama is the spotting place of blue whales.
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Mirissa, weligama is the spotting place of blue whales.
Mirissa, weligama is the spotting place of blue whales.
dolphin whale watching boat whale watching boat whale watching boat boats fruit juice dolphin
Luxuries Trimaran Eagle Eye Whale Watching Boat
(Biggest, comfortable and speed boat in mirissa)

At present many people across the world would now rather watch whales and appreciate their beauty, bulk and extraordinary behavior. The Blue whale is the largest and the greatest cetacean in the world. To have a closer look on this wonderful creature is a dream in life that becomes true.

Today, the southern coastal line has become the habitat of these blue whales, so if you want to observe these great animals the best place is Mirissa and it is a world famous place for blue whales.

We provide you the best opportunity to watch whales. On balance, scientists and conservationists see well-managed whale watching as a benefit to the well-being of cetaceans.

Best organized whale watching trip is mainly a result of good boat handling, which restricts the free movement of animal while they are being viewed. We always try to minimize the trouble caused to the animal and to have a good result for both parties.

Whale watching is an “eyes on, hand off” activity(do not touch/ do not feed and not allow to dive or swim with them)

When you join with this journey, in each and every time you can see blue whales and that’s the specialty of southern coastal line. And also you can see bryde’s whale, sperm whale, fin whale, whale shark and sometimes killer whale. There are species of dolphins (spinner, bottle nose, risso’s, striped) can be seen turtle and various fish species for example Bluefin tuna and flying fish.

Be litter aware – prevent trash from entering the water , its hazard to cetaceans and other foams of life

About our luxuries trimaran eagle eye whale watching boat

Nowadays, trimaran boat has become the most acceptable boats in sea journey. The world famous company “cey-nor” has producted this trimaran boat and they have given the SLS certificate on this boat. So we can keep the full trust on the safety of this boat.

When comparing with other boats, this boat doesn’t shake in the sea and you can get rid of sea sickness. Also this boat has a powerful engine and that’s why we can make our journey quick and fast so as to save our valuable time. So we warmly invite you to come and join with us so as to get a real experience of whale watching.

Luxuries that Consist of Trimaran

  • Western toilet and shower facilities
  • Observation desk
  • Separate comfortable seats
  • The special type of roof that can protect you from sun shine
  • In a sudden situation, like raining you can be safe from the curtains
  • We have all the protective equipment -life jackets(any size) and life rings
  • All the communication equipment
  • First aid box
  • Special smoking area
  • powerful and speed engine
  • Our boat is specially designed for whale watching and therefore you can watch whales by staying anywhere you like in the boat
  • The time schedule and duration of this tour

    The separate time for journeys, the duration it takes. And the time period of the year in which months should the journey start and how the customers should act according to this.

  • The boat will depart from mirissa harbour at 6.30 am. So that you have to be here before 6.30 am (that means in between 5.45 – 6.15)
  • The journey last 3 hours, sometimes it will take 5 hours, it depends on the whale spotted time
  • There is a 95% - 100% opportunity to see blue whales and other different types of whales
  • The maximum capacity of this boat is 70 passengers. All are fully insuranced with the boat
  • If this is your first boat tour, we will advise you to take some sick pills before the journey starts
  • All the passengers should wear life jacket and all of you should be obedient to the commands of the captain
  • From the beginning to the end of this journey we will be with you and we will explain all the facts in detail
  • When we approach the whales area, we follow an international recommended way, we are not chasing, not waiting, but we keep a distance of 100M between whale and boat, we hope to do it in an eco-friendly manner
  • Always let the animal determine their own path and behavior.
  • Whale Watching Rates

  • We charge LKR 9000/= per a person
  • We take all the kids who are under 5 free of charge in this journey
  • Age between 6 to 10 we charge $30
  • All the payments should be settled in the morning of the due date before we start the journey

  • Please contact me booking before one day (call /email/text - whatsapp)

    We Offer You Free of Charge

  • Breakfast (non- vegetarian/vegetarian)
  • Water bottle & fruits
  • Two transport – pick up from anywhere in Mirissa and drop again in the place that you want to go
  • We have taken the best life insurance
  • All safety equipment (life jackets/ life ring)
  • If you travel to Mirissa by your own vehicle we will give you parking facilities
  • Driver waiting place & food
  • We are the Awesome Team for Whale Watching

  • Our crew is well trained in protecting lives of people and in first aid. They will treat you in a friendly manner. We provide you a highly professional and courteous service. We have coxwains, life guards and tour guides.
  • Our boat is registered in department of wild life sri lanka, sri lanka coast guard, mirissa harbour co- operation and tourist board
  • We have an emergency unit, if someone gets sick while he/she is going in the journey, we have some special mini- boats to take back the patient in to the land
  • We have already gone on safe journeys in previous years
  • The home town of our crew is mirissa and southern coast line is not a strange place for them, also they have a special skill of handling the boat again in to the mirissa harbour even in a pitch darkness , without having communication equipment’s
  • We always try to give an amazing experience and we dedicate our fulltime for that purpose
  • Welcome to Private Whales Home

    Join with us your private team/ family/ couple …

    We offer whale watching safari for small exclusive groups. Which makes it more personal and memorable experience. On our trip there is a high chance that you will have a close-up encounter with the whales without being surrounded by many other safari boat.

    The private whale safari price includes
  • speed boat
  • free transport ( between only weigama to kamburugamuwa) we will pick up you at your hotel and drop you back there after safari.
  • Breakfast with water bottle and cool drinks
  • All safety equipment
  • Seasickness tablet

  • Departure time and place – we hope to travel twice a day
  • 7.30 AM / 10.30AM
  • Mirissa harbour

  • Duration - maximum 4 hours

  • You must ready with write equipment
  • Protective clothing option to cover all weather possibilities
  • Hat (for warmth and /or sun protection)
  • Camera with zoom lens and fast action capability
  • Sunscreen
  • Waterproof bag to carry all you need

  •   Private Whale Safari Price(Additional per Person Rs 3500/=)

  • Person Price (LKR)
    2 60000/
    3 65000/
    4 70000/
    5 75000/
    6 80000/
    Capacity - 6 pax

    Whale Species in Sri Lanka

    Blue whale

    Bryde's whale

    Sperm whale

    Fin whale