Swim with Turtles

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Swim with Turtles

Sri lanka being a tropical island and surrounded by the Indian ocean offer some excellent opportunities with a number of interesting snorkeling and underwater explorations.

At present the southern coastal line has become a habitat for turtles. Five out seven turtles living in the world can be seen in this coastal line. out of them green turtles, oliver ridley turtles , leather back turtles, kemp’s ridley turtles are significant.

When you come to mirissa you can enjoy your leisure with snorkeling because the water is crystal clear and depth is from 2 to 6 meters. You can also watch beautiful live corals with colorful reef fish, including manta ray and octopus rarely.

    How it works

  • There is a limited time schedule to this tour and it begins at 8.00 o clock in the morning and after every couple of hours a new tour begins. The last trip is at 2.00 pm, you get two hours of time in each tour. If you board in mirissa you can get free transport.
  • If you joying with us in one journey, there may be several other travellers also in the same boat including you. the maximum number of people can be taken in the boat are six. We provide Life jacket and mineral water. All snorkeling equipment charges are including to the price of the tour.

    Swim with turtle rates

  • We charge $20 per person and the children under 8 are free.
  • We assure you with a money back guarantee to provide opportunity to swim with turtles.
  • Please be aware that there can be changes in the schedule depending on the weather and the nature of sea and we only do these tours from November to April.